Audits and security, simplified 

Gain confidence that you’ll clear audits with flying colors, and that you’ll stay one step ahead of security threats. Bocada’s automated, independent dashboard simplifies compliance tasks and auditing, all while reporting on unusual behavior in your backup environment. 

Experience peace of mind

Cut backup audit time from weeks to hours

Capture and organize backup data automatically throughout the year so you’re always ready when audits come up. You can automate status reports to auditors, or even allow them to generate reports using a self-service tool. Bocada gives you a unified console to manage compliance tasks so you can meet SLA and regulatory guidelines with less effort. 

Source: Bocada case study

Cut audits down to just minutes

Automatically send monthly usage reports to account teams and annual status reports to auditors, or even allow them to generate reports using a self-service tool. The Bocada console lets you manage compliance and oversight tasks to hit SLA and billing goals with less effort. 

Historical backup performance

Meet compliance guidelines

Capture virtually unlimited amounts of historical backup data so you can track trends and target auditor and regulatory compliance requirements. With Bocada, you always have the data you need at your fingertips. 

Failure issues identified

Get proactive and have critical failures brought to your attention immediately. Customizable alerting ensures you get notified when key data is left unprotected, letting you address issues before they impact data recovery. 

Automate cybersecurity

Cybersecurity threats can go undetected for weeks, if not months. With Bocada’s bytes variance reporting, small fluctuations will hit your radar and keep you ahead of bad actors looking to wreak havoc.

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