Peru’s Largest Bank Transforms its Backup Management With Bocada


Banking & Financial Services


Peru’s largest bank needed an automated, comprehensive way to proactively oversee backup performance and asset protection. 

  • Reduced monthly backup failure rates to less than .5%
  • Decreased asset protection validation process from 5 hours to just minutes
  • Increased the number of resources with the correct backup policies
  • Added backup policy configurations to previously unprotected resources
  • Gained confidence over data protection protocols and risk mitigation process

“Bocada has helped bring our data protection strategies to the next level through proactive monitoring and real-time analytics. It’s been a great addition to our broader digital transformation strategies.”

David Villavicencio Bernal
Senior Manager, Strategic Technology Innovation


Banco de Crédito del Perú (BCP) is the largest bank, and the largest supplier of integrated financial services, in Peru. BCP and its managed subsidiaries oversee US$ 39 billion in total assets via their wholesale and retail banking divisions.

As part of a broader IT initiative to improve infrastructure performance visibility, the BCP team recognized an opportunity to improve upon their backup environment oversight. Their over 4,000 Spectrum Protect backup clients were managed by an MSP partner. However, the monthly performance report they received from their MSP—a 62,000-line Excel file—allowed for no proactive interventions, and required hours of manual work to revise, format, and distribute to internal stakeholders and regulators.

As part of a highly regulated industry frequently targeted by cyber criminals, the BCP team sought a better approach to oversee backup health and data protection.


With native integration across leading on-prem and cloud backup and storage solutions,  Bocada provided the IT infrastructure team with a unified platform from which to monitor complex backup operations. Bocada’s extensive, highly customizable automated dashboards decreased the time required to report on, and monitor, backup performance.

Bocada’s built-in reports allowed BCP to easily segment backups by success, failure, or partial success, while also understanding the underlying reasons behind the failures or partial successes. This offered the team a daily, automatically updated view into prior-day activity and potential trouble areas. By generating both highly detailed and consolidated performance reports, Bocada offered the team broad visibility into backup health as well as nuanced detail to address performance issues.

For more proactive, holistic monitoring, Bocada was integrated with BCP’s CMDB to automate the process of comparing backup records with asset inventories to quickly identify unprotected assets.

Built-in environment segmentation and user permissions allowed for tailored reporting by individual bank subsidiaries and for personnel to access performance data relevant only to their particular group.


By transitioning to daily rather than monthly reporting, the BCP team and their MSP partner were able to proactively identify issues impacting their backup successes and improve their monthly success rates to more than 99.5%, all letting them take rapid actions to address the residual failures.

The integration with their CMDB yielded an automated report that let them immediately identify key applications without backup protections in place. A process that otherwise took 5 hours of the team’s time to perform now took just minutes.

More broadly, Bocada’s near-real time data collection and structured reporting led BCP to improve their overall backup strategies while affording their MSP partner a key tool to monitor and optimize their daily backup management. The overall effort resulted in improved confidence in BCP’s data security protocols and their ability to effectively serve their banking and finance customers.

Juan Martinez BCP

“With the improved visibility provided by Bocada, we can make backup infrastructure decisions faster and with greater confidence. In terms of both planning and execution, Bocada has been fundamental in helping us reach data protection success.”

Juan Martinez Ayala
Manager, Strategic Technology Innovation

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