Global Electronics Brand Uses Bocada to Drive Cloud Backup Savings & Operational Efficiencies


Audio Visual Technology Manufacturer


A global technology company migrating to an AWS and Azure multi-cloud environment needed an automated, centralized approach for overseeing storage usage, backup performance, and data recoverability.

  • Cut AWS cloud storage usage in half
  • Identified faulty backup policies resulting in duplicative backups
  • Developed custom reporting for each team member for more efficient, streamlined performance oversight


A global audio and visual company with an internationally dispersed, twelve-person backup and storage team was facing several challenges as they migrated to an AWS and Azure multi-cloud environment. New backup solutions made keeping ahead of data proliferation, backup health, and storage usage increasingly difficult. Further, limited data retention didn’t offer confidence around long-term data recoverability.

As the team moved closer toward the cloud migration, and the inevitable performance blind spots it would entail, they sought out a solution to help control backup costs while streamlining backup management.


The team adopted Bocada to leverage the software’s consolidated reporting of cloud and on-prem backup health as well as its unlimited retention of performance data.

For a holistic view of backup performance, the backup team first began using the Job Trends Report, a report that can be customized as needed to view each client in the backup environment as well as its day-over-day backup performance. By creating filters by Zones, which lets users segment data by geography, application, or other groups, the team created custom views of their environment to identify opportunities for operational efficiencies.

Job Trends Report By Backup Product

The team also began using the Backup Trends Report for higher-level visualization of backup behavior patterns to proactively isolate and address recurring issues.

Backup Trends Tabular Report

In addition to day-over-day performance, the backup team wanted to ensure full backup protection coverage across critical assets. By using Bocada’s built-in cloud protection analysis reports, their backup admins had a real-time view of all AWS and Azure assets and each asset’s protection level. With this visibility, admins could quickly isolate under protected resources or resources experiencing unusual behaviors.

AWS Protected Asset Report


Using Bocada resulted in the team cutting storage usage in half. The AWS Protection Report indicated nearly twice the number of expected assets, a result of incorrect tagging protocols that yielded duplicative backups. Access to the automated report let them identify that the issue existed, investigate the underlying cause, and resolve it entirely to reduce overall storage costs.

Additionally, Bocada gave the team a centralized tool to oversee their entire environment. By developing customized versions of the Job Trends and Backup Trends report, segmented by the applications and geographies managed by each team member, users were empowered with the data they needed to perform detailed analysis of their resources, implement strategies for better performance, and meet backup success goals.

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