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Automated Backup Monitoring, Simplified

Bring Order to Your Backup Environment.

Gain 360-degree visibility of your entire backup environment, save hours per day, and achieve data resiliency at scale – all through one centralized dashboard.

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Less Manual Work, Greater Data Protection

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Backup Monitoring & Reporting

Enable customized, automated, and on-demand backup performance reporting for your cloud backups, on-prem/local backups, and other assets. Spend time monitoring performance, not mining backup data.

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Simplify recurring backup audit queries. Be confident you’ll pass each and every SLA or security obligation.

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Pinpoint unprotected assets, automatically. Enjoy comprehensive data protection with no tedious reconciliations.

Bocada Streamline Backup Operations Workflows


Streamline end-to-end failure ticketing and critical failure identification. Build peace of mind with better resource security.

Unite Your Backup & Data Protection Systems Under One Dashboard

Purpose-Built for Enterprise-Scale Environments

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Enterprise IT

Reduce risk and meet compliance obligations with operations automation. Advanced backup monitoring and reporting tools let you secure assets, streamline oversight, and simplify audit requirements.

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Global MSPs

Drive standardized, consistent backup management no matter how complex your customer environments. Deliver best-in-class BaaS service and exceed SLA guidelines, all while minimizing labor and overhead costs.

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Control Your Complexity

Multi-tenant Architecture

Centralize complex backup operations with ease across multiple client or business environments.

Single Pane View

Consolidate on-prem, cloud, or hybrid backup monitoring in one dashboard.

User Permissions

Grant role-based access and track user activity.

Automated Report Creation & Distribution

Schedule and send reports to the right people at the right time.

On-Demand Custom Reporting

Create versatile, highly custom reports in just seconds.

Environment Tagging

Segment servers or accounts for easy management.

SLA & Audit Reports

Develop tailored reports for compliance measurement.

Historical Data Retention

Report on backup performance no matter the time range.

In Progress Backup Activity

Identify long-running jobs in need of attention.

Critical Failure Alerts

Know the moment key asset backups fail.

Storage Alerting

Get ahead of unusual spikes in storage activity or usage.

Bytes Variance

Identify unusal patterns in bytes backed up.

Unprotected Asset Discovery

Pinpoint assets with zero data protection or backups, automatically.

Ticketing Automation

Streamline ticket creation, monitoring, and closures to reduce time to remediation.

Storage Monitoring

Automate storage usage reporting and trend forecasting to stay ahead of storage-related issues and reduce storage costs.

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Seattle, WA – Bocada has added cloud storage monitoring and alerting to its centralized monitoring software. Available in Bocada’s latest monthly product release, the new storage reporting capabilities give IT teams unprecedented visibility and control over their utilization and cost management of Azure Storage Accounts, AWS S3 buckets, and Google Cloud containers. As IT environments… View Article

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Bocada Announces Seamless Support for AWS Tags

Seattle, WA – Bocada has announced enhancements to its backup reporting software that will give users the option to leverage AWS tags to drive smarter automation and enhanced visibility throughout Bocada reporting. Many IT and data protection teams today use tagging to organize assets and backup jobs by attributes such as business segment, department, priority,… View Article

Bring Order To Your Backup Environment