Proactive Asset Protection

Effortlessly safeguard valuable resources across your IT environment with automated unprotected asset discovery, failure alerting, and unusual backup behavior detection. Stay one step ahead of issues impacting data restorability with zero incremental labor hours.

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Automated AWS Unprotected Asset Report
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Easily Identify Unprotected Assets

Streamline the asset reconciliation process for a ready-made punchlist of assets missing backup protections.

  • Automatically identify key assets across your cloud, hybrid cloud, or on-prem infrastructure with zero backup policies in place.
  • Plug into your vCenter and immediately identify VMS left unprotected.
  • Integrate with any asset inventory solution like CMDB, SQL Server, DB2, Postgres, or CSV file for easy, ongoing reconciliations.
Bocada Uncover Hidden Backup Problems Faster Icon

Uncover Hidden Problems Faster

Automate issue identification and notifications to keep one step ahead of data security risks.

  • Create critical failure alerts and be warned the moment a key resource is left unprotected.
  • Visualize unusual backup byte variances that could signal in-process cyber threats.
  • Isolate consecutive failure patterns and identify the biggest issues impact backup success.

Integrate your backup and data protection systems under the Bocada dashboard