Better backup management

Backups are business critical, but they don’t have to rule your life. Bocada automates and consolidates backup monitoring so you can be confident your data is protected—and free up time to focus on data protection priorities.

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Data Protection, Automated

Bocada Automate Backup Reporting Software
Bocada Automate Backup Reporting Software

Monitor Data Protection

Gain a holistic view of your entire backup environment in one dashboard for on-the-spot oversight. 

Automate Operations

Streamline critical IT activities—monitoring, reporting, ticketing, and asset protection—to take the stress out of daily tasks. 

Tackle Compliance & Cybersecurity

Stay ahead of compliance requirements and security risks with live status reports and alerting. 

Automate operations, save money

Using Bocada can save enterprises an estimated $250,000 per year by:

  • Automating oversight
  • Reducing storage costs
  • Reducing and avoiding SLA or regulatory penalties

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*Source: Bocada ROI study based on 5,000 clients, 3 servers

Supported Backup Products

  1. AWS-Cloud-BW
  2. AWS-Cloud-Color
  1. Azure
  2. Azure-Copy-1
  1. Veeam-BW-1
  2. Veeam-Color-1
  1. Druva-BW
  2. Druva-Color
  1. Commvault-BW
  2. Commvault-Color-1
  1. IBM-Spectrum-Protect-BW-1
  2. IBM-Spectrum-Protect-Color-1
  1. NetWorker
  2. NetWorker-Copy
  1. Data-Domain-BW
  2. Data-Domain-Color
  1. NetApp-BW
  2. NetApp-BW
  1. RMAN
  2. RMAN-Copy
  1. cohesity-bw
  2. cohesity-color-1
  1. Rubrik-BW
  2. Rubrik-Color-1
  1. arcserve
  2. arcserve-copy
  1. Veritas-NetBackup-1
  2. Veritas-NetBackup-Copy-1
  1. Acronis-BW
  2. Acronis-Color
  1. GCP-BW-215-X-100
  2. GCP-Color-215-X-100
  1. Avamar
  2. Avamar-Copy
  1. MS-QL-BW
  2. MS-QL-Color
  1. N2WS-BW
  2. N2WS-Color
  1. MF-Data-Protector-BW
  2. MF-Data-Protector-Color