Achieve Data Protection Excellence Through Automation & Reporting

Bocada is purpose-built to bring order and efficiency to enterprise-scale backup environments. With automated backup monitoring and reporting, unprotected asset discovery, ticketing, and alerting controlled via a single dashboard, you get streamlined backup operations and peace of mind that data is secure.

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Bocada Backup Job Trends Report
Bocada Automate Backup Monitoring Icon

Automate Backup Monitoring

Simplify backup management by seeing all of your performance metrics under a single dashboard.

  • Consolidate performance data from 40+ cloud and on-prem backup and storage solutions under one dashboard.
  • Create and schedule daily backup performance reports to give your team a leg up on issues that need attention.
  • Leverage custom filters and sorting features to produce ad-hoc reports and explore trouble areas.
  • Segment your environment into key zones or regions to more evenly split backup management across team members.
Bocada Streamline Backup Audit Reporting Icon

Streamline Audit Reporting

Prove that your backup operations meet regulatory compliance guidelines and SLAs in just minutes.

  • Create and save highly custom audit templates for consistent reports every month.
  • Schedule report distribution to key stakeholders ensuring metrics reach the right people at the right time.
  • Enjoy unlimited historical performance data at your fingertips for any auditor query.
  • Enable report self-provisioning to support auditor or end customer queries.
Bocada Customizable Backup Performance Report
Automated AWS Unprotected Asset Report
Bocada Identify Unprotected Assets Icon

Simplify Unprotected Asset Discovery

Identify key resources across your backup environment missing backup protections.

  • Automatically produce a complete list of assets across your cloud, hybrid cloud, or on-prem infrastructure with zero backup policies in place.
  • Implement VM backup protection management and spot VMS left unprotected.
  • Make unprotected asset discovery a cinch by syncing Bocada with the assets inventory solution — CMDB, SQL Server, DB2, Postgres, or even CSV files — you use.
Bocada Optimize Backup Operations Workflow Icon

Optimize Backup Operations Workflows

Leverage automated ticketing and remediation efficiency tools to remove error-prone manual processes from your IT operations.

  • Integrate Bocada into your enterprise ticketing solution to automate rule-based ticket creation and closure.
  • Consolidate ticket assignment, state, and resolution status oversight via a central platform.
  • Use custom tagging as well as drag and drop report capabilities to visualize and isolate issues impacting backup success.
  • Identify persistent backup failure areas with consecutive failure tracking.
Automate Backup Failure Ticketing Operations
Bocada Data Backup Error Trends Report
Bocada Monitor Storage Usage Icon

Monitor Storage Usage

Stay one step ahead of unusual storage patterns or cost overruns with automated storage reporting.

  • Centralize your storage usage metrics from dozens of supported products under a single pane.
  • Implement storage spike alerting to know when capacity is hitting critical caps or usage is outside of historical norms.
  • Simplify future storage needs and cost projections with built-in storage forecasting.

Integrate your backup and data protection systems under the Bocada dashboard