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Bocada Cloud is the new SaaS edition of Bocada’s award-winning backup monitoring platform, bringing reliable API-based monitoring capabilities to businesses of all sizes.

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All Your Backups in One Place

Centralize your backup monitoring and reporting into Bocada Cloud’s single pane of glass. No more jumping platforms for a clean picture of backup health across multiple backup applications and/or customer environments.

  • Automate data collection, monitoring, reporting, and alerting
  • Manage multiple clients (or internal organizations) with a single account
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API-Based Connectors

We’ve built direct API integrations to many popular cloud and on-premises backup applications, delivering best-in-class reporting accuracy.

  • Continuous API-based data collection from cloud/on-prem backup products. Bocada does NOT use email parsing due to poor reliability of that technical approach.
  • Go beyond basic success and failure reporting and know — with confidence — when jobs don’t run and/or when backup policies are missing.
  • 20+ Supported backup applications (See them all)

Unrivaled Reporting & Automation

Bocada Cloud reporting helps you ensure & demonstrate that critical data is protected. Rich automation helps you meet your obligations in just minutes per day.

  • Standard reports: Executive Summary, Job Activity, Job Trends, Backup Failure, Restore Activity, Restore Failure, and View Resources
  • Unprotected resource reporting: Identify resources with zero backup policies in place
  • Create purpose-built custom reports with configurable filters, grouping, and criteria
  • Share reports via link or .XLSX (Excel) email attachment, with options to subscribe or schedule on a recurring basis
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Same Underlying Technology, New SaaS Experience

The same data collection, reporting, and automation used by Fortune Global 500 IT teams, now in a new software-as-a-service offering for businesses of all sizes.

Pay-As-You-Go Pricing, Free Tier + Free Trial

  • Free tier: Every account is free to use under 25 monitored resources (servers, VMs, clients)
  • Simple pay-as-you-go pricing (with no annual commitment) when you exceed 25 monitored resources — so you’ll never pay for licenses you aren’t using
  • 30-day free trial to monitor as many resources as you’d like for 30 days
  • Self-service onboarding process, so you can begin using Bocada Cloud immediately
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