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Complete backup compliance or SLA reporting requirements without monopolizing your time. Bocada automates month- and year- end backup performance reporting across your on-prem, cloud, or hybrid environment so you can spend more time overseeing backup health and less time pulling raw data.

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Create Custom Backup Compliance Reports

Enjoy an automated, independent platform to streamline recurring and a la carte compliance tasks.

  • Standardize auditor or end customer compliance reports by creating and saving customized reporting templates.
  • Enjoy zero-touch compliance reporting with automated report generation and distribution.
  • Respond to ad-hoc SLA or audit queries with ease using pre-aggregated and normalized backup performance data at your fingertips.
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Features Auditors & End Customers Will Love

Exceed compliance expectations with built-in features that adapt to diverse compliance needs and timelines.

  • Pull data from any time period with unlimited historical data retention for all backup and storage products.
  • Annotate job failure remediation paths to keep tabs on activities taken to resolve failure issues.
  • Give auditors or end customers dedicated access to self-provision on-demand reports.
Backup Audit & Compliance Report with historical performance data

Integrate your backup and data protection systems under the Bocada dashboard

Key wins from automated backup compliance monitoring

Consistently Hit Monthly Backup Success Rates

Banco de Credito del Peru (BCP), Peru’s largest financial services company, was under strict backup compliance guidelines. With backup operations managed by an MSP partner, the team had no proactive ways to monitor daily operations and get ahead of issues impacting success goals.

BCP brought in Bocada to receive daily performance reports which highlighted areas of particular concern. This enabled the BCP team, alongside their MSP partner, to address failure issues resulting in below-target success rates. Once implemented, BCP enjoyed over 99.5% success rates, easily meeting their backup compliance goals.

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Spend Just 2-3 Hours Per Month On Compliance

The HCL team managing a national bank’s 8,000 application servers brought in Bocada to mitigate the time spent on recurring, month-end SLA compliance reporting. Using Bocada’s custom SQL reports, the team built report templates mapped to their end customer’s unique SLA criteria.

Once implemented, the team lowered the labor hours spent per month on SLA and backup compliance to just a couple hours. Further, they removed human error from their monthly operations and provided their end customer with consistent, regularly-scheduled reports.

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