Worldclass MSP Backup Monitoring

Centralize your backup as a service operations to exceed customer expecations, all while helping your bottom line. Bocada's multi-tenant automated backup monitoring and reporting platform simplifies managing customers' complex backup environments so you meet SLA guidelines while streamlining day-to-day tasks.

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Bocada Backup Job Trends Report
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Optimize Backup Performance Management

Streamline your day-to-day backup operations oversight with a single pane to monitor each customer’s backup performance.

  • Automatically pull, aggregate, and normalize each customer’s cloud and on-prem backup metrics for centralized management.
  • Simplify customer-specific backup management with automated, rules-based backup job tagging.
  • Create and schedule daily backup performance reports to get ahead of issues impacting SLA goals.
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Simplify SLA Reporting

Give your customers peace of mind that you’re meeting their service level guidelines in just minutes.

  • Use custom tagging to simplify pulling each customer’s unique backup performance success metrics.
  • Create and save highly customized SLA report templates for each customer to simplify month-end data collection.
  • Schedule report distribution to customers and key stakeholders to ensure that performance data reaches the right people at the right time.
Bocada Executive Summary Backup Performance Report
Automate Backup Failure Ticketing Operations

Minimize Service Delivery Labor Hours

Leverage automated ticketing and remediation efficiency tools to take error prone, manual touchpoints out of your IT operations.

  • Integrate Bocada into your enterprise ticketing solution to automate rules-based ticket creation, data population, and closure.
  • Use custom tagging as well as drag and drop report capabilities to visualize and isolate issues impacting backup success.
  • Identify persistent backup failure areas impeding SLA goals with consecutive failure tracking.

Streamline Customer Billing

Save countless hours every month on billing activities so you can focus more on what really counts, data protection.

  • Build customer trust with an independent, 3rd party platform that validates your billing reports.
  • Pre-schedule monthly report creation and distribution for timely billing information delivery.
  • Leverage zero-touch verification of backup services rendered with automated backup job and storage usage reports.
Automate Scheduled Backup Performance & Activity Reports

Integrate your backup and data protection systems under the Bocada dashboard