Backup Monitoring

Bocada aggregates, normalizes, and reports on backup and storage performance data from leading on-prem and cloud applications, automatically. Get the key backup monitoring insights you need — pass / fail metrics, job durations, and trends — in one console, all while cutting out labor hours and human error.

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Bocada Built In Backup Activity Reports
Bocada Automated Backup & Storage Reports Icon

Built-In, Automated Reports For All Stakeholders

Optimize day-to-day backup operations and reporting with specialized, configurable report templates.

  • Customizable job trends and consecutive failure reports help pinpoint trouble areas standing in the way of hitting backup success requirements.
  • Executive summary reports provide management, auditors, or end customers high-level performance views to drive peace of mind.
  • Storage usage, trends, and forecasting reports keep you one step ahead of unusual usage patterns or cost overruns.
  • Unprotected asset reports automatically identify vulnerable resources with zero backup protections.
Bocada Custom Backup Performance Reporting Icon

Highly Customizable Reports You Can Schedule

Get the cloud, on-prem, or hybrid backup performance metrics you need, when and how you need them.

  • Leverage custom filters and sorting features to create formatted reports tailored to diverse stakeholders.
  • Pull data by key segments like geographies, customers, or business units for tailored operations reports and clean stakeholder presentations.
  • Pre-program and schedule reports for daily operations overviews and recurring SLA or compliance tracking.
Bocada Customizable Backup Performance Report
Bocada Customizable Backup Performance Report
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Tailoring Features For Unique Reporting Needs

Leverage built-in customization features for easier data visualization and role-based data access.

  • Use drag and drop capabilities for custom data groupings like backup status, error types, or servers to focus your team’s efforts.
  • Create and save custom reports by user for personalized data that drives optimized daily operations.
  • Restrict report access by user or role to achieve data isolation, multi-tenancy, and operational efficiency.

Integrate your backup and data protection systems under the Bocada dashboard