Storage Protect (Spectrum Protect / TSM) Monitoring & Reporting

Scale your IBM Storage Protect (formerly Spectrum Protect / TSM) data protection monitoring with Bocada's automated backup oversight and reporting solution. With full visibility into your past and in-progress jobs, as well as storage trends, you'll stay ahead of issues impacting data health and recoverability.

One Platform For Your Entire Backup Environment

Spectrum Protect Monitoring Reporting Desktop
Spectrum Protect Monitoring Reporting Mobile

The Bocada Backup Monitoring Platform provides oversight of your Spectrum Protect, on-prem, and cloud backup environments via an independent, agentless console for visibility, reporting, and collaboration.

Bocada Cloud Backup Reporting Icon

Backup Oversight

Enjoy complete peace of mind with visibility into your Spectrum Protect backup successes and failures. Always know when critical backups need support.

Bocada Backup Reporting Icon

Automated Reporting

Unify your Spectrum Protect, cloud, and on-prem backup reporting via a single-pane tool. No more jumping across tools for a clean picture of backup health.

Bocada Backup Compliance & Audit Icons

Compliance Tracking

Stay ahead of regulations and SLA tracking with automated reporting of your Spectrum Protect environment. Remove the need for last-minute scrambles.

Bocada Backup Compliance & Audit Reporting Icon

Audit Preparedness

Simplify monthly or annual Spectrum Protect backup audits with fully customizable reporting templates. Be ready for any and all audit requests.

Bocada On-Prem Backup Reporting Icon

Capacity Monitoring

Keep an eye on storage capacity utilization trends across Spectrum Protect and other backup products. Never spend more on storage than you need.

Bocada Backup Systems Monitoring Icon

Systems Management

Leverage a comprehensive view of dispersed backup and storage environments. One platform for complete visibility and tracking.

Configuring Your Spectrum Protect Monitoring & Reporting

Bocada natively integrates with Spectrum Protect through our data collection API.

Spectrum Protect Monitoring & Reporting Benefits
Bocada offers automating reporting on Spectrum Protect backup jobs, in-progress jobs, policy configuration, and storage. Enjoy highly customizable oversight across your entire Spectrum Protection operation.

To integrate your Spectrum Protect servers with Bocada:

  • Install the Spectrum Protect /TSM Administrative Client Command Line files to the Bocada DCS.
  • Have ready a Operator-level Spectrum Protect user
  • If mySAP jobs are to be collected, adjust verbosity of the ERP module on mySAP servers.
  • Verify required TCP port has been opened.

You can read the full configuration details in our Spectrum Protection (TSM) configuration guide.

Spectrum Protect Plugin Announcements

April 15, 2022
Discrete Database Backup Reporting
Improved database-level reporting by splitting multi-database backups into individual targets, allowing for database specific auditing.
Learn More >

March 10, 2022
Storage Pools Report
New report created for Spectrum Protect (TSM) for Storage Pools related report including Tape Libraries and Stgpools
Learn More >

March 10, 2022
Backup Storm Resolution
Added more robust handling of some backup session storms. For example, when repeated attempts to
communicate with the Spectrum Protect server are denied due to licensing issues.
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November 10, 2021
Performance & Scaleability
Improved performance & scalability of the plugin to better support large Spectrum Protect
Server deployments. Enhanced data integrity by addressing failed VM backups reported as successes and incorrect byte counts reported in certain backup jobs.
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