Now Available In Bocada 22.1.04

The Bocada Team | April 19, 2022

The following features and enhancements are now available with the release of Bocada 22.1.04. This version is a Minor Release and will be supported in accordance with the Support Terms.

New Features

Dell PowerProtect Data Manager (PPDM)
Added support for PPDM backup and restore activity reporting. This includes reporting on job activities as well as failure alerting & ticketing.

Druva Phoenix Oracle Backup Job Reporting
Added reporting for Oracle database backups using Phoenix Backup Store (PBS) process.

Emailed Reports: Compression of Large Reports
Added functionality to send reports as a single, compressed zip file when the size exceeds a user-configurable maximum size.

Emailed Reports: Multiple Report Attachments
Added functionality to aggregate multiple scheduled reports and send all the reports in a single email as zipped or standalone attachments.

MSSQL Plugin: Bulk upload SQL Instances using CSV
Automated adding multiple SQL Server instances to Bocada for data collection via CSV. This enables ingesting multiple SQL Servers with different properties (e.g.: server name, instance name, authentication method and user) into Bocada via one step.


Druva Phoenix: SQL Availability Group (AG)
Improved reporting and visibility by appending the primary server of the AG cluster to the Bocada Client name, which previously contained only the Availability Group Resource Name.

NetBackup Policy Data Collection: REST API Support
Added REST API (including RBAC) support to report on the policy configurations.

Spectrum Protect: Discrete Database Backup Reporting
Improved database-level reporting by splitting multi-database backups into individual targets, allowing for data-base specific auditing.

Ticketing: Added Criteria to Filter by Ticketing Instance
Added criteria to select specific ticketing system instances in the Backup Failures and Job Activity reports.

Commvault: Backup Media Destination Metrics
Added data collection and reporting for Media Destination, Media Server, and Media Library for each successful Commvault backup.

vCenter Plugin: Host Clusters Visibility
Added data collection and reporting for VMware Host Clusters in the VMware Asset Inventory reports.

Discontinued Features

Assign Data Domain Function
This function assigned backup policies to the Data Domain “Media Type” within Bocada for backup products which write backups to Data Domain as a standard file server (e.g.: TSM). Product feedback indicated that this feature is not used.

Resolved Issues

This release resolves customer reported issues; the most important ones are documented below.

Bocada Installer Fails with Error 0x80070666 (Case 10179)
This failure occurred when a newer version of the Microsoft C++ redistributable already installed on the system. The updated behavior will be to skip installation of the C++ redistributable when a newer version is detected.

Data Domain: Collection Shows as Successful Without Data Collected (d547)
This issue occurred when Data Domain usernames or passwords were invalid or expired. The updated behavior in this release shows the data collection as failed with the appropriate messaging.