Comprehensive Cloud Backup Monitoring & Reporting

Automating Backup Monitoring & Inventory Validation To Safeguard Critical Resources

The Bocada Team | May 12, 2022

Automating Backup Monitoring & Inventory Validation To Safeguard Critical Resources


Migrating to cloud-based data protection isn’t a matter of if but when. The speed, flexibility, and best-in-class technology afforded by cloud technology makes this transition inevitable. However, these digital transformations do not eliminate critical data protection challenges. This includes everything from certainty that data and high priority resources stays protected to readiness for data recovery event. In fact, these transformations add greater environment complexity, making data protection confidence that much harder.

This dynamic is why industry-leading enterprises and MSPs leverage Bocada. By bringing precise, near real-time oversight over cloud data protection via an automated reporting suite, Bocada gives teams managing backup and data protection the peace of mind that comes with knowing cloud resources have the right backup protections in place

Getting Ahead of Daily Cloud Backup Monitoring & Reporting

Staying on top of backup operations means regularly reviewing prior backup activity to ensure that backup policies are correctly executed, SLA guidelines are met, and that anything standing in the way of these overarching targets is addressed immediately.

Centralized Views Of Entire Environments

Because speed and efficiency are so key in staying ahead of data protection issues, traditional manual backup data collection, aggregation, and normalization is too cumbersome and time intensive. Bocada automates cloud backup monitoring so that you can view backup performance for all key cloud solutions—AWS, Azure, Druva, Rubrik, Cohesity, N2WS—as well as legacy on prem systems via a single dashboard. With this central command center, you can monitor hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud environments as well as blended cloud and on-prem infrastructures.

Performance Dashboards

At-a-glance views are a critical first step in making broader assessments of cloud backup health. Rolled up performance data found in Bocada’s executive summary reports lets you quickly visualize overall health, ensure you’re hitting key service
delivery guidelines, and pinpoint potential trouble areas that need further attention. Dashboard views also offer a real-time summary for internal or external stakeholders for complete backup environment health visibility.

Cloud Backup Monitoring Via Executive Dashboard

Hyper-Tailored Views Of Complex Environments

No enterprise backup environment is the same. Between the use of different backup products, as well as server set ups across geographies, business units, or other dimensions, each environment is truly unique. With Bocada’s built-in zoning feature, you can quickly segment environments by these key components to visualize performance for each targeted segment. This gives your cloud data protection team yet another way to more efficiently oversee environments and more quickly pinpoint backup activity that needs further attention.

Automated, Daily Reporting

To ensure that operations are running smoothly, you can program Bocada to send automated performance reports to your inbox every single day. By completely
removing the need for daily manual data collection and aggregation you can instead reallocate this time to broader oversight and management.

Cloud Backup Reporting Job Trends

Targeted Failure Identification

One key Bocada report that drives backup operations efficiency is the automated consecutive failures report. By receiving a tailored report that isolates cloud backups that repeatedly fail despite several attempts, backup teams have a ready-made punch list that optimizes where they spend their time to resolve underlying issues that could stand in the way of meeting key backup success levels.

Cloud Backup Consecutive Failures Report

Critical Failure Alerting

As valuable as customized, daily reporting is, proactive teams know that sometimes waiting until a report is opened and reviewed to learn a key backup failed may be too late. That’s why they also use Bocada’s critical failure alerting. By receiving an alert the moment a key backup failure is automatically identified, teams can immediately review the failure event and evaluate solutions.

Audit Reports At The Ready

With customized, pre-programmed reports available via Bocada, your cloud backup audits can now take minutes instead of days. Whether your organization needs to share information with compliance auditors on a monthly or yearly basis, or something else entirely, just program your audit report templates in advance, and schedule delivery at your needed cadence.

Streamlining Holistic Protections With Cloud Backup Monitoring

Strong cloud data protection isn’t just about day-to-day management of backups. Rather, it requires a holistic approach to overseeing cloud backup health that leverages automation to minimize the chance of any data being left unprotected.

Cloud Asset Protection

Bocada’s AWS and Azure protection reports allow data protection teams to automatically identify AWS and Azure cloud resources with no backup policies in place. By making these reports part of everyday monitoring processes, your team can extend classic backup oversight to also include identifying and flagging unprotected cloud resources.

Data Resiliency Checklist - Unprotected Asset Identification

Automated Inventory Validation & Protection

To further extend your data protection oversight, connect your configuration management databases, or CMDBs, with backup data in Bocada. With this connection in place, you can now automate the otherwise manual process of comparing backup clients to CMDB assets. This allows you to both identify unprotected assets and update CMDBs with inventory that may not have been known. This automated process means finding unprotected assets faster and eliminating data protection risks that much quicker.

Automated Ticketing For Faster Resolutions

Another key way for cloud data protection teams to ensure complete backup protection is by automating ticketing processes. With automated ticket creation, assignment, and status tracking available in Bocada, backup failures get fixed faster than ever before, and critical resources stay protected.

Proactive Cybersecurity Protection

With Bocada’s bytes variance report, you can identify potential cybersecurity threats as they happen. Designed to automatically identify unusual backup byte activity like above-average increases or decreases in the bytes associated with particular backup jobs, this report helps to identify malware or ransomware activities that would otherwise continue under the radar.

Cloud Backup Monitoring Storage Trends Reporting

Storage Oversight

While cloud data protection means no longer running the risk of insufficient storage, it can result in another problem entirely: unfettered storage usage and storage cost
overruns. With Bocada’s automated storage trend reports, you can proactively identify trends in excess cloud storage usage and develop storage strategies to moderate cost. Further, with our built-in storage spike alerting, you have one more tool in place to get ahead of storage challenges.


Gone are the days when data protection meant making backup copies of your data. Between ever-growing technology complexity and cyberattacks increasing in frequency, enterprise and MSP data protection teams need to be adaptable, proactive, and holistic in how they oversee critical data.

That means using comprehensive automation tools and techniques to centralize monitoring and resolve data protection challenges faster. With industry-leading solution like Bocada, teams go from just hitting basic backup performance metrics to complete data protection.