Bocada 10 Release

The Bocada Team | May 10, 2017

Greater Reporting Automation and Time Savings

Kirkland, WA – Bocada LLC, the pioneer of enterprise backup reporting and monitoring solutions, today announced the general availability of Bocada 10. This release brings new advanced features that further simplify complex reporting tasks, streamline data collection, and give enterprise Backup Operation teams more tools to ensure their environment is fully protected and efficient.

“The need to get more information about enterprise backups is greater now than ever,” said Matt Stokes, Head of Software Development at Bocada. “Enhancements in Bocada 10 make advanced backup reporting easier, faster and more flexible. We’ve added new ways to assist backup admins in meeting their recovery point objectives. The data collection updates we’ve made have significantly enhanced the performance and scalability of Bocada.”

Networker, Veeam and Backup Exec Plugins: Bocada continues to support the latest versions of the major backup products. The new version adds support for NetWorker 9.0 including Policy data collection and reporting, Veeam 9.5, and Backup Exec 2016.

More reporting features: Users now have more control over the choice of the best backup attempt and can select it based on the target or level. They can also group reports by error type to easily identify and troubleshoot errors. IT organizations with more stringent backup protocols can use the failure emphasis feature to display client jobs as a failure instead of partial successes when the target backups are a combination of successes and failures.

In addition to seeing the backup trends over time in a graphical form, users can now have a quantitative narrative of their backups’ performance through the tabular data. Data about the backup server version is also now available through the reports, enabling backup admins to make more informed decisions regarding server management.

Most recent success: The most recent success is now highlighted, helping users identify that they are meeting the recovery point objectives.

Data Collection Enhancements: Many new features have been added to the Data Collection report making it more streamlined and scalable. These include concurrency settings for each data collection type; auto refresh capability to keep data up-to-date; new columns such as the DCS status and minutes down; and requestor field in the data collection status to identify scheduled or manual backup.

More flexibility in applying rules: Application of rules is now more extensible and can be used for selected clients that have already been processed by previous runs of the rules.

Change User: The product access is now more flexible and users can now log out of the web session and login as a different user.

The launch of Bocada 10.0 follows the January launch of Bocada 9.7. That release brought support for Networker virtual reporting and reduced the policy data maintenance efforts.

Contact Bocada at +1 425-898-2400 or to learn more. Customers can contact for a full review of new features in Bocada 10.0.

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