Bocada releases version 9.7

The Bocada Team | January 23, 2017

Expands virtual reporting capabilities and increases administrative efficiency

Kirkland, WA – Bocada- the world’s leading backup reporting software today announced the release of version 9.7 of the Bocada Reporting Software. Bocada uses customer feedback to design additional features for development. The new capabilities in the latest version are a result of constant customer interaction and feedback. Bocada 9.7 feature additions enhance the current reporting capabilities and further improve user experience.

Key features available through Bocada 9.7 are:

NetWorker Virtual Reporting:
The updated NetWorker plugin in Bocada 9.7 now translates vCenter server data into individual VMs making it easier to correlate vCenter data with NetWorker data.  Bocada 9.7 splits out virtual machines as individual backup units for the Networker plugin, enhancing backup reports. With the cross-referencing of datasets from these two sources, users are able to more precisely track backup results for virtual machines.

Policy Data Maintenance:
Bocada 9.7 added a feature to reduce maintenance efforts of backup admins by enabling policy data pruning. This feature cleans up policy data from the Bocada database if it’s outside the scope of the desired policy reporting resulting in boosted performance and scalability.

For a full review of new capabilities and enhancements in Bocada 9.7, customers can contact For new inquiries or to request a demo or evaluation license of the product, contact or call +1-425-898-2400.

About Bocada:

Bocada is the global leader in backup reporting and monitoring for enterprises. Since 2001, Bocada has helped companies worldwide to reduce data protection risks and operating costs by providing simple, independent, and accurate reporting on complex backup operations. For more information, visit