Commvault Monitoring & Reporting

Streamlined, automated backup monitoring for your hybrid Commvault backup environment. Our single-pane solution drives data protection monitoring efficiency while keeping you ahead of potential data recoverability challenges.

One Platform For Your Entire Backup Environment

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The Bocada Backup Monitoring Platform provides oversight of your Commvault, on-prem and cloud backup environments via an independent, agentless console for visibility, reporting, and collaboration.

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Backup Oversight

Enjoy complete peace of mind with visibility into your Commvault backup successes and failures. Always know when critical backups need support.

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Automated Reporting

Unify your Commvault, cloud and on-prem backup reporting via a single-pane tool. No more jumping across tools for a clean picture of backup health.

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Compliance Tracking

Stay ahead of regulations and SLA tracking with automated reporting of your Commvault environment. Remove the need for last-minute scrambles.

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Audit Preparedness

Simplify monthly or annual Commvault backup audits with fully customizable reporting templates. Be ready for any and all audit requests.

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Capacity Monitoring

Keep an eye on storage capacity utilization trends across Commvault and other backup products. Never spend more on storage than you need.

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Systems Management

Leverage a comprehensive view of dispersed backup and storage environments. One platform for complete visibility and tracking.

Configuring Commvault Monitoring & Reporting

Bocada supports streamlined Commvault monitoring via native API integration.

Commvault Monitoring Benefits
Bocada automatically collects data on Commvault backups, in-progress jobs, storage, and policies. Admins using Bocada’s Commvault integration will be able to report on backup success, failures, and statuses, media volume counts and status, and policy attributes or schedules.

To begin your Commvault integration with Bocada, you’ll need read access credentials to the CommServe database and network connectivity from the Bocada DCS to the CommVault SQL Server.

You can read the full configuration details in our Commvault configuration guide.