Storage management, simplified

Backup storage continues to evolve from tape and disk to public and private cloud. Bocada lets you manage transitions seamlessly with automated storage reporting, alerting, and forecasting that keep you one step ahead of issues that could disrupt backup operations. 

Drive storage efficiency
Unified backup data

Reporting for all of your devices

No matter your storage choices, be they Data Domain, NetApp, StoreOnce, Azure, or AWS, Bocada provides real-time insight into where your data is stored and how much is protected. 

Backup Storage Capacity

Know your storage needs well in advance

Automated usage reporting and forecasting keep you ahead of storage limitations before they create a fire-drill and impact backup successes. 

Stay ahead of key issues

With automated storage spike and usage alerting, you’ll know when capacity is hitting critical caps or is outside of historical norms, giving you a chance to get ahead of shortfalls before your backup jobs are impacted. 

Used By Companies Across The Globe to Monitor & Protect Critical Data


Bocada Data Sheet

An overview of Bocada’s key features, core functionality, supported backup products, and technical requirements.

Automating Backup Best Practices

Learn how automating backup monitoring operations and compliance can drastically reduce man hours, no matter where you store your data.

72% Backup Failure Reduction

Discover how an MSP reduced backup failures by 72%, all while reducing costs and improving reporting visibility.