Stay ahead of compliance

Compliance audits are important, but shouldn’t monopolize your time. Bocada gives you an automated, independent dashboard to simplify compliance tasks and unify data to prove you’ve met requirements. 

Take control of audits

Standardize compliance tracking

Bocada’s native integration with 30+ cloud and on-premises backup tools make it the only tool you’ll need for compliance reporting across your entire environment. 

Annotate & retain historical data

Annotate job failures for future audits. Past backup performance is preserved in Bocada so you can report on any period, analyze compliance trends, and manage risk more effectively. 

Reporting when you want it

Automate report generation and distribution for zero-touch compliance reporting and more effective collaboration. Even give stakeholders their own dedicated access to self-provision reports. 

Used By Companies Across The Globe to Monitor & Protect Critical Data


Bocada data sheet

An overview of Bocada’s key features, core functionality, supported backup products, and technical requirements.

Automating Backup Best Practices

Learn how automating backup monitoring operations and compliance can drastically reduce man hours, no matter where you store your data.

72% Backup Failure Reduction

Discover how an MSP reduced backup failures by 72%, all while reducing costs and improving reporting visibility.