Automate insights across your entire backup environment

Data that crosses boundaries between on-prem and cloud is the norm these days, which makes protecting it a challenge. Bocada brings together backup information across all your platforms—from tape to public and hybrid clouds—so you can control it in one single place.

Experience cross-platform backup operations
Unified backup data

Fragmented data, centralized

Native integration with 30+ cloud and on-prem backup and storage products gives you seamless visibility to oversee your entire backup ecosystem. 

fragmented data protection technology

Segment data to fit your needs

Bocada simplifies filtering backup and storage data by server, backup product, business unit or any other grouping you can imagine, streamlining oversight and cutting down on reporting time.

hybrid cloud data protection

Move at your own pace

As your data protection strategy evolves, so does Bocada. Whether you’re modernizing to the cloud or integrating acquisitions, Bocada can monitor all your data protection operations, automatically. 

Used By Companies Across The Globe to Monitor & Protect Critical Data


Bocada Data Sheet

An overview of Bocada’s key features, core functionality, supported backup products, and technical requirements.

Automating Backup Best Practices

Learn how automating backup monitoring operations and compliance can drastically reduce man hours, no matter where you store your data.

72% Backup Failure Reduction

Discover how an MSP reduced backup failures by 72%, all while reducing costs and improving reporting visibility.