Critical resource protection made easy

Complex environments can get out of hand quickly. Bocada can help. With key asset oversight tools—CMDB integration, AWS + Azure protection analysis, and storage oversight— you can automatically keep tabs on key elements across your environment, effortlessly safeguarding valuable resources. 

Get your environment in order

Your critical assets, fully tracked

AWS, Azure, and vCenter protection analysis reporting keeps track of critical asset protection status so you can quickly identify unprotected resources. 

Gain control over all assets

Never be left wondering if all assets are protected. Automated CMDB integration lets you isolate and address critical coverage gaps in your backup operations.   

Backup Storage Capacity

Always have the storage you need

When it’s time to back up data, make sure you can. With storage trend reporting and alerting, you can optimize storage usage and know when it’s time to add capacity. 

Used By Companies Across The Globe to Monitor & Protect Critical Data


Bocada Data Sheet

An overview of Bocada’s key features, core functionality, supported backup products, and technical requirements.

Automating Backup Best Practices

Learn how automating backup monitoring operations and compliance can drastically reduce man hours, no matter where you store your data.

72% Backup Failure Reduction

Discover how an MSP reduced backup failures by 72%, all while reducing costs and improving reporting visibility.