Bocada Announces Virtual Appliance in OVF and AWS AMI Formats

The Bocada Team | September 22, 2017

Providing faster visibility into AWS and cloud backup data environments

Kirkland, WA – Bocada LLC, an award-winning backup reporting and monitoring solution, has announced the availability of its virtual appliance in OVF and AMI formats. These additions vastly simplify the time and resources needed for backup administrators to install and configure Bocada reporting automation tools. Whether organizations employ on-premises backup or private or public cloud environments like AWS they can deploy Bocada virtual appliances quickly to gain greater visibility into their complex environment.

The typical steps backup administrators face in requesting and setting up reporting tools is time-intensive and configuration can be complex. In addition to going through internal requisition processes, teams spend time understanding and implementing configuration requirements around disk space, operating system, RAM, and SQL servers. The Bocada virtual appliances eliminate this entirely. Featuring a fully configured Bocada-ready instance with database and IIS included, teams need only deploy the appliances into their VM environment, set the server’s name, and configure networking to make Bocada available for installation.

“Bocada is committed to helping customers automate their backup reporting processes,” said Matt Hall, Bocada CEO. “Making cloud instances available and simplifying installation and configuration processes represented an opportunity to do just that. By introducing virtual appliances in OVF and AMI formats Bocada is innovating to meet the needs of current and future customers.”

To try Bocada’s new virtual appliances and begin gaining greater visibility into your backup environment, email us at or call +1-425-898-2400.

About Bocada:

Bocada LLC, a global IT Automation leader, delivers backup reporting and monitoring solutions that give enterprises complete visibility into their backup operations. Bocada provides insight into complex backup environments, enabling IT organizations to independently analyze data recoverability, predict risk vulnerability and identify opportunities for cost and risk reduction. With the largest installed customer base in the Fortune 500, Bocada is the world’s leading provider of backup reporting. For more information, visit