Streamlined Paths To Failed Backups Now Available

The Bocada Team | February 9, 2023

Bocada announces the release of new, streamlined remediation paths built into Bocada’s reporting interface. Organizations using any backup application with a web-based console can now navigate to failed jobs directly from Bocada with just one click, facilitating faster troubleshooting and job failure remediation.

This innovative approach seamlessly directs users between Bocada’s monitoring dashboard and any monitored backup application. By first accessing Bocada’s Backup Failures Report, users can review failure codes and messages to identify failure root causes. If desired, users can then click a link to move to the resource in question to either re-run the job or address more critical, systemic issues that will impede future job success. When used regularly, streamlined remediation access removes needless, recurring steps, supports faster job failure resolutions, and improves success rates.

According to Matt Hall, Bocada’s Head of Sales, this latest functionality comes at the request of customers looking for additional operational automation. “Our customers tell us that backup failure remediation is one of the last hyper-manual components of their daily backup operations. It’s time intensive yet includes many of the same, repeated activities, making it ripe for automation technologies. This feature release is one of first in Bocada’s plans to add additional automation to the remediation process and help backup admins more easily meet critical backup success goals.”

Simplified remediation access will be available to all customers using Bocada February release, 23.1.2. To learn more about Bocada’s newest capabilities, email us at or call +1-425-898-2400.