Save Time On Backup Reporting by Grouping Clients with Zones

A Time-Efficient Way To Report On Backup Performance

The Bocada Team | December 6, 2018

A Time-Efficient Way To Report On Backup Performance

How do you easily isolate clients or servers in distinct locations, business units, or, in the case of MSPs, different customers? When managing backups in complex, enterprise environments, managing thousands of clients, analyzing the performance of specific categories – like cloud backups – can feel like more work than it is worth. That’s why Bocada created Zones, a unique feature that lets users easily aggregate clients into logical reporting groups that make sense for their unique organization.

Consider the following circumstances backup admins often come against:

  • Pulling together chargeback reporting for different geographies or customers
  • Isolating clients by the backup product that manages their backups
  • Understanding the backup usage of different server types or departments

Doing any of these activities manually could take hours, if not days. However, by assigning your backup clients to zones based on customers, cost center, policy type, or department, you could pull this information in just minutes. Or, if you use Bocada’s automatic report scheduling, you could set up these tasks ahead of time and then spend zero time on recurring activities like these.

Watch this video to see how quickly you can set up Zones for your clients with Bocada.