Now Available In Bocada 19.6.9

The Bocada Team | September 24, 2019

The following features and functionality are now available in Bocada 19.6.9:

New Features

Avamar Storage Reporting

Added reporting for Avamar to provide insight into storage utilization and differentiation between bytes scanned (protected) and bytes retained. This data differentiation provides improved accuracy and simplicity for billing and chargebacks.


Saved Reports View Improvements

Streamlined the use and management of saved reports by focusing the data, simplifying the presentation, and adding criteria for filtering functionality.

Data Domain

  • Improved visibility into Mtree data.
  • Further automated configuration of data collection with removal of the PuTTY path server property.

Additional Product Notes

Media Data Collection: Deprecated

Media data collection will be removed from Bocada reporting in a future release. This collection method pulls and aggregates data on tape mounts and dismounts for backup and is separate from Storage (Occupancy) collection and reporting.

Drive Utilization Report: Deprecated

Drive Utilization is the only report that leverages the Media Data Collection and will also be removed in a future release.