Now Available In Bocada 23.1.02

The Bocada Team | February 9, 2023

The following features and enhancements are now available with the release of Bocada 23.1.12. This version is a Major Release and will be supported in accordance with the Support Terms.

New Features

Google Cloud

Added monitoring and reporting for automatic Spanner Database “export backups” to S3 Buckets, providing visibility into long-term backup and archiving as well as point-in-time database recoverability.

Direct Links to Resources with Backup Failures

Added a link to “Go to Resource” within backup failure reports. This will take users directly to the resource with the failure, automating the first critical remediation step . This feature is available for AWS, Azure, Druva Phoenix, Druva inSync, and Acronis Cyber Cloud. Additional products will be supported in future releases.

Asset Inventory Reports
Completed the migration of all distinct Asset Inventory reports into four consolidated reports. In-report filters allow users to compare inventory data sets collected from AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Microsoft SQL Server (DBs), VMware vCenter, and any “CMDB” or spreadsheet data set.

Microsoft DPM
Re-structured DPM backup data so that DPM details can be reviewed in the Bytes Protected report. Bytes Protected is defined in Bocada as the client footprint, or size of the resource being protected. Data summaries include: Maximum (default), Average, and Most Recent.

Pre-Built Schedule Configurations
Pre-configured schedule options are now available when scheduling data collection and report distribution, in addition to Bocada’s already-available custom schedule configurations. These new pre-configured schedules let users easily select hourly, daily, or monthly cadences.


Improved reporting to identify client footprint on storage and other billable data points like Bytes Protected.

General Settings
Updated the General Settings view to let users more easily review and update Bocada product settings.

Zones View Redesigned
Redesigned Zones view to improve presentation and management.