Now Available In Bocada 22.3.11

The Bocada Team | November 15, 2022

The following features and enhancements are now available with the release of Bocada 22.3.11. This version is a Minor Release and will be supported in accordance with the Support Terms.

New Features

VAST Plugin
Added reporting for VAST Storage to provide visibility into the utilization, trends, and reduction rates at the appliance and path levels.

Scheduled Reports: Do Not Send When Empty
Added functionality to withhold distribution of reports when data is not present. This feature is particularly valuable when data within reports represents a problem, such as consecutive failures or unprotected assets. The presence of a report acts as an alert to trigger remediation while the absence of the report indicates no actions is needed.

GAP Augmentation / Enhancement
The GAP (General Application Plugin), which enables data collection from backup products without a native Bocada, has been overhauled to collect more robust backup data sets from a wider variety of sources. The GAP can now interface with any ODBC data source including SQL and supports a wider array of data, including job messages. This functionality is now delivered through the Bocada installer and is maintained through standard Bocada upgrades and support mechanisms.

Bytes Protected Report
This new report summarizes the “Bytes Protected” data for all successful backup jobs over a date range for selected backup clients. Bytes Protected is defined in Bocada as the client footprint, or size of the resource being protected. Data summaries include:

  • Maximum (default)
  • Average
  • Most Recent

Data Protector API
Added support for data collection through the Data Protector API to improve security, configurability, and reliability.


Data Collection Network Resiliency
Improved data collection resilience to overcome dropped network connections when committing data from a Bocada Data Collection Server (DCS) to the Bocada SQL database.

UI improvements
New improved screens: Add and Edit Schedule, NBU Configuration, NBU clients, NBU SLP Configuration, NBU SLP, Add and Edit Server Group, Administration: Zones

Azure Cloud Reporting
Improved reporting to increase visibility and data clarity in the following areas:

  • The Azure “Computer Name” is now collected and appears under the Target field in Bocada reports, allowing for both the VM Name and the Computer Name to be displayed.
  • Removed non-backup activity action (e.g., Configure Backup) previously mined as backup jobs.

Improved data collection and reporting to:

  • Decrement some Warning level messages to be Info level messages.
  • Populate the Bocada Job Group field for In Progress NAS backup jobs.

Backup Trends Details Report
Added flexibility to hide all “Data Change” or “% Data Change” columns from the report.

Resolved Issues

ServiceNow Ticket Auto-Closure
Updated the ticket auto-closure to record the details of the successful backup job in the ticket.

Favorites Impacted by Long Running Reports
Added capability to leave a long-running report by selecting a new report from the Favorites menu.