Now Available In Bocada 22.3.10

The Bocada Team | October 18, 2022

The following features and enhancements are now available with the release of Bocada 22.3.10. This version is a Minor Release and will be supported in accordance with the Support Terms.

New Features

Remote Data Collection
Bocada’s new remote data collection uses a REST API instead of an HTTPS connection to provide a more secure way to connect remote networks to the central Bocada system. This new functionality also includes features to automate the management of the Remote Data Collection systems from a single view, including pushing software updates and upgrades, and viewing the update history.

Alerting Based on Consecutive Days of Failure
Consecutive days of failure or missed backup attempts can now be used as a criterion to trigger alerts and automated ticket creation. This new functionality leverages the Bocada consecutive failures report.


Custom SQL Improvements
Updated the actions and UI in the Custom SQL section to match the application’s newer look and feel.

Microsoft SQL Native Backup
Provided an option during data collection to discard Transaction Log backup attempts of .mdf files identified as invalid. These jobs previously presented as zero bytes with zero errors.

Backup Server Properties
This new report displays the configuration settings used by Bocada to connect to, and collect data from, backup servers. This report is used to identify common connection properties across many different backup servers, like passwords, and perform bulk updates.

Backup Servers
New server settings functionality allows users to add server notes of up to 1024 characters.

Resolved Issues

Added In Progress jobs data capture functionality to improve troubleshooting.

VCenter Collections
The vCenter plugin no longer collects general event data which was causing undesired data growth in the Bocada database.