Now Available In Bocada 22.2.07

The Bocada Team | July 13, 2022

The following features and enhancements are now available with the release of Bocada 22.2.07. This version is a Minor Release and will be supported in accordance with the Support Terms.

New Features

Azure App Services
Added support for Azure App Services data collection and backup reporting.

Azure Cosmos DB
Added support for Azure Cosmos DB data collection and backup reporting.


AWS Snapshots Report

  • Improved the way snapshot aggregation works through the report criteria selector. This allows for better quantification of storage utilization by snapshots of unknown sizes across different groups like AWS Region, Service, Account, and Resource.
  • Introduced manual snapshot grouping to improve report flexibility. Expired and orphaned snapshots can now be more easily identified for cleanup.

Azure Cloud Backup
Added functionality to collect data from multiple subscriptions within an Azure Tenant. This streamlines data collection from Azure Cloud and gives enterprises the option to automatically scale Bocada as their Azure subscriptions grow.

Druva Phoenix
Proactively adjusted our data collection protocols to handle recent changes Druva made to its public API endpoints. This adjustment supports new customer regions and a “new staggered deployment model.”

Microsoft SQL Backup
Mapped transaction log backups to the Bocada Level of Transaction Log as opposed to its previous mapping to Other, allowing them to be uses in report filtering criteria.

Data Collection optimized for faster collections, especially improving speed for large NetWorker servers.

Veeam improvements
Added multiple Veeam updates to enhance data precision and accuracy:

  • Data on completed backup jobs that are part of running Veeam Job Sessions is now available. Previously these were reported as In Progress until the entire Veeam Job Session completed.
  • Added option to automatically map warnings in Veeam to an error so that jobs with warnings can be reported as Partially Successful. Default behavior is that warnings are not reported as errors, enabling backups with warnings to be considered successful.
  • Improved Job Error code recognition and categorization

Rules: Improved Pattern Matching
Improved the pattern matching capability in Rules so that backup clients can be assigned to Bocada zones based on multiple patterns within the same Rule. This streamlines the number of rules required to deliver tailored reports for specific data owners and managers.

Server Decommission
Added an option at the Bocada Server level to disable manual data collection updates. This enables customers to keep all data for a decommissioned backup server in the Bocada history without unintentionally running a manual data collection.

Ticketing/Incident Troubleshooting
Added email alerting and reporting for cases where Bocada attempted to create an incident or ticket in an ITSM system but failed. The reporting is available as an additional column in the Job Activity and Backup Failures reports as well as the Failed Incidents report in the Operations –> Advanced Config. section.

Resolved Issues

Consecutive Failures CSV Export
Corrected a duplicative row issue appearing only on Consecutive Failures report CSV exports.

Edit Servers
Fixed the data collection run issues caused by editing a backup server’s connection properties and choosing to perform data collection immediately after finishing the setup wizard.

License Report
Addressed an issue where the licensed units and total units consumed were not summed properly in the exported PDF or HTML report versions.

Upgrade Robustness
Fixed upgrade-related issues where corrupted registry entries would cause the upgrade or uninstall to stall or fail.