Now Available In Bocada 22.1.1

The Bocada Team | January 13, 2022

The following features and enhancements are now available with the release of Bocada 22.1.1. This version is a Major Release and will be supported in accordance with the Support Terms.

New Features

Acronis Cyber Protect
Added support for Acronis Cyber Protect’s backup and in progress jobs. This includes reporting on job activity and trends as well as failure alerting & ticketing.

NetBackup Storage Configurations
Added REST API (including RBAC) support to report on the following storage configurations: disk pools, storage servers, storage units, and cloud-based storage support for Azure.


AWS Roles
Added a feature option to enable data collection against AWS spoke accounts when the Role used for authentication does not have permission to collect data against the AWS Hub account.

Scheduled Report Management
Added report level ownership (Global Default & My Default) to Scheduled Report Management so customers can identify when default reports are scheduled for distribution.

AD User validation
Added a flexible configuration to skip AD user verification via cross-domain checks to enable successful email distribution of reports.

Data Collection
Provided a self-service option to remove obsolete Bocada DCS entries to help streamline diagnosis of data collection related problems.

Resolved Issues

This release resolves customer reported issues; the most important ones are documented below.

Spectrum Protect (TSM)

  • Addressed a storage data collection failure with Error 545: Data source failed: Command is valid, but one or more parameters were not specified correctly ExecuteCommand failed: RC(3) EC(0).
  • Fixed an issue with VM backups reporting with an incorrect VM Client name for Mode: DataMover backups

Azure Cloud Recovery
Fixed the SQL Client name for transaction log backups which were sometimes shown as a GUID string.

Azure Backup Server (DPM)
Storage trends chart for DMP 2016 now shows valid data following a successful storage collection.

Storage Servers Report
Update report to remove duplicate entries and better focus on storage repository utilization.