Now Available In Bocada 20.3.11

The Bocada Team | November 19, 2020

The following features and enhancements are now available with the release of Bocada 20.3.11:

New Features

Dynamic Report Distribution (Email Blocs)
Added ability to send a single report to multiple audiences with content customized by audience. By inserting a dynamic module or “email bloc” within the report, senders can leverage a single report configuration. Each email bloc is set to show information that is only relevant to users or audiences assigned to unique zones (e.g. MSP customer, geography, application, business unit, etc.). Upon sending the report, recipients will receive a report featuring data associated only with their zone. Email blocs streamlines the report creation and configuration process, enabling the development of a single report template that can be leveraged across users, independent of their permissions access.


Exported and Emailed Reports
Improved look and feel of inline and attached HTML exports.

AWS and Azure Protection Analysis Reports
Added columns for “Last Inventoried Days” and “Days Unprotected” to help filter out resources that are no longer present in AWS or Azure and better identify and highlight active, unprotected cloud resources.