Now Available In Bocada 20.2.6

The Bocada Team | June 16, 2020

The following features and enhancements are now available with the release of Bocada 20.2.6. This version is a Minor Release and will be supported in accordance with the Support Terms (

New Features & Enhancements

ServiceNow Incident Integration
Added capability to include backup job information in the Work Notes section of incidents created and updated by Bocada. Any Bocada data associated with the failure can be included, including policy, schedule, backup level, job duration, job group, backup job ID, and more.

Backup Activity Reports
For Bocada-generated service tickets pushed to ITSM tools, a link will be assigned to the listed backup failure within Bocada to take users directly to the ticket within the system, optimizing ticket management.

CMDB Inventory Assessment
Added new columns to the CMDB Inventory Assessment Reports, including customer/account and secondary CI names, to pull and display incremental data from CMDBs. Additionally, existing report column names were improved for greater clarity.

Executive Summary Report
New columns have been added to the Executive Summary report including file count and count of total jobs during the specified time range.

AWS Snapshot Report
Added a summation of the Capacity column to show relative usage by AWS VM Instance or Region.

Data Protector
Added information to restore jobs, including byte count and restored file details.

Azure Cloud Storage
Improved the accuracy of the Storage Clients report by detailing data allocated for Azure VM backups.