Now Available In Bocada 20.1.4

The Bocada Team | April 14, 2020

The following features and enhancements are now available with the release of Bocada 20.1.4:

New Features

Executive Summary: Backup Server and Backup Client Level Reporting
Expanded executive reporting options within the Executive Summary report by adding capability to show the high-level backup statistics at the backup server and backup client levels. This report previously only supported viewing data by zone.

AWS Protection Analysis Report
Added new report to highlight the entire AWS inventory with and without recent snapshot protection, automating the identification of potentially unprotected AWS resources.

Microsoft SQL
Added media destination for each database backup to data mining and reporting, available in the Media Destination field.


AWS Backup
Improved data collection and report visibility for easier EC2 Instance name and ID identification. Previously, name and ID were affixed to the client name. The separation of these components allows for cleaner visibility.

Bytes Protected in Backup Reports
Updated the reports to display an empty value for bytes Protected when the data is unknown.
Previously, this was reported as a zero value for some backup products.

CMDB Reports Renamed
Renamed the CMDB focused reports to better encapsulate what the data identifies.

Media Destination in Storage Reports
Renamed Media Device to Media Destination for clarity of what the data represents.

Improved data and reporting by removing the generic string that Avamar appends to the end of client name for VM client replications.

Data Protector
Improved data collection and job failure detection to prevent identification of certain messages as job failures when they were successful: