Now Available In Bocada 19.7.12

The Bocada Team | December 11, 2019

The following features and enhancements are now available with the release of Bocada 19.7.12 

New Features 

NetWorker Storage Reporting 

Added reporting of NetWorker storage providing visibility and insight into data trends, storage forecasting, and storage alerting. 

Druva Phoenix Reporting 

Updated the Druva Phoenix collection to use the recently released REST API. This provides simpler, more reliable, and more supportable data collection from the Druva Phoenix platform. 


Storage Servers Report 

Added sever group criteria to allow reporting on server groupings previously configured within the Bocada application. 

Exported Report Criteria 

Added the ability exclude report criteria from both scheduled and manually run report distributions. 

Data Collection Concurrency 

Added the ability to control data collection concurrency globally for each data collection server as well as each update type (e.g. backup, storage, or policy). This provides a simpler way to manage resources on each data collection server and ensure that critical updates are performed ahead of less critical ones. 

Media Data Collection: Removed 

Removed media data collection and associated reports. This collected and aggregated data on tape mounts and dismounts for backup and wadeprecated in Bocada 19.6.9. This is separate from storage collection and reporting.