Now Available In Bocada 19.7.10

Featuring Data Domain MTree Reporting & Enhanced Netbackup Collection

The Bocada Team | October 10, 2019

Featuring Data Domain MTree Reporting & Enhanced Netbackup Collection

The following features and enhancements are now available with the release of Bocada 19.7.10:


Data Domain Mtree Reporting
Added graphical and tabular views into Data Domain reporting to display Pre-Compression, PostCompression, and Compression Ratios.

Mtree reports can be displayed by Data Domain appliance and Mtree along with other criteria and
highlight trends over days, weeks, or months providing visibility into Data Domain usage and
compression efficiency.

Data Domain Mtree Trends


Data Domain Mtree Trends (Tabular)
The tabular data can be viewed from several perspectives including lowest compression ratio Mtrees
and largest Mtrees.

Spectrum Protect Contacts and Zoning with Contact Rules
Spectrum Protect Contact (i.e. data owner) information is now collected with backup metadata and presented in backup and client reports alongside jobs. Additionally, new contact filters in Bocada Rules enable clients to be assigned to zones based on names or partial names of contacts.


NetBackup Data Collection with REST API
NetBackup backup metadata can now be collected via the REST API for NetBackup 8.1.1, simplifying data collection configuration for NetBackup Master servers.

Tabular Report Filtering Persistence
Tabular report filtering is now saved along with report criteria, grouping, and sorting. Tabular filters are configured on the bottom left of tabular reports and make it possible to filter on more comprehensive combinations of column and row values.