Now Available in Bocada 19.6.8

The Bocada Team | August 29, 2019

The following features and enhancements are now available with the release of Bocada 19.6.8:

New Features

ServiceNow Ticketing Integration

Added functionality to generate incidents in ServiceNow through automated failure recognition based on criteria chosen by administrators. Additionally, we have released a new report, called Incident History, which keeps up-to-date with any changes made through the ServiceNow interface, including assignment, state, urgency, severity, resolution, and other attributes.

Storage Utilization Forecasting

Added a report that uses machine learning to predict future storage utilization based on historical data.

Storage Spike Alerting

Added alerting to notify when storage utilization surpasses a specified threshold or spikes in utilization surpass a defined percentage over average.

CMDB Clients Zoning

Added automation to assign assets pulled from CMDB instances to Bocada Zones for simplified management of multi-tenant organizations and environments.

Automated Collection of Log and Capture data

Added automation for collection of logs and capture data so that a user may download log and capture data via the web browser and standard Bocada application.


NetBackup Data Collection

Enhanced data collection to utilize PuTTy (plink) for connection to Unix master servers, now available for all supported versions of NetBackup.

This addition automates the configuration of the Bocada plugin and expedites successful collection when adding a new server. As of this release installation of the NetBackup Remote Admin Consoles (Legacy Windows and Java) is no longer required.

Data Protector

  • Improved retention values in Policy reports to reflect user-designated retention schedule rather than default set by backup application.
  • Improved accuracy of the target/drive reporting in Policy reports.


  • Improved reporting where replication and copy jobs were previously reported as unknown.
  • Improved byte mapping for Bytes Protected and Bytes Backed Up relative to Total Size and Data Read, respectively, in Veeam.