Now Available in Bocada 19.5

The Bocada Team | May 21, 2019

The following features and enhancements are now available with the release of Bocada 19.5:

New Features

AWS DynamoDB Snapshot Reporting

Added reporting for AWS manual and automated snapshot protection of DynamoDB tables. Also added reporting on the storage utilization of Dynamo DB table snapshots.

Installer Enhancements

When upgrading a Bocada DCS from version 19.4, uninstallation is not required, and the upgrade will proceed using persisted settings.

When upgrading the Application Web Server from version 19.3 or 19.4, the previously entered settings will persist for simple click-through.

User Experience Improvements

Bocada is making a large investment in its user experience throughout 2019. We have made substantive improvements to the following:

  • A new Date-Range Picker in the Capacity Servers and Capacity Clients reports

Our goal is a simpler, more streamlined and intuitive interface using modern-day user interface styles and patterns. Look forward to continued upgrades and improvements from release to release.


Backup Activity Reports

Added job message error messaging to the Backup Activity and Failures report for export. This capability (enabled through the criteria) provides the final 2048 characters of job messages that are associated with errors. This feature provides data in an exported CSV file that can be fed to automation tools to find the root causes of failures.


  • Updated to ignore job data for pseudo_saveset backup targets. The pseudo_saveset is a metadata anchor saveset used to register important parameters concerning the workflow of client jobs and impacts a variety of features includes the immediate cloning of individual savesets. It is now automatically generated at the start of the backup as an indicator of the list of savesets configured to start for the client.
  • Updated RMAN target names to set to Saveset Name, an improvement over the previous “NetWorker Module for Databases and Applications” naming convention.
  • Changed the byte count from zero to negative one when the byte count is indeterminable from the raw data source to signify unknown in Bocada reports.