Now Available in 19.4

The Bocada Team | April 16, 2019

The following features and enhancements are now available with the release of Bocada 19.4:


AWS Storage Reporting

Added storage reporting for AWS native snapshot protection. Currently supported AWS services, including EBS volume snapshots and RDS database instances across instance types and availability zones.

ServiceNow Integration for CMDB Management

Added functionality to query and compare data from ServiceNow CMDB and backup environment status configured with Bocada reporting. Included are views that highlight:

  • Data for clients found in the CMDB but not reported in Bocada, exposing unprotected resources
  • Data for clients reported in Bocada but not found in the CMDB, exposing potentials gaps or holes in the ServiceNow CMDB
  • Data for clients found in both sources, enabling management and tracking of data protection across enterprise environments.

Installer Enhancements

Additions made to the installer to persist the settings used during installation. This feature will be leveraged in future releases to streamline the upgrade process and will be noticed during installation of the Bocada Application Server when upgrading from Bocada 19.3 to 19.4.

User Experience Improvements

Bocada is making a large investment in its user experience throughout 2019. In this release a few of those changes will be visible for the first time. We have made substantive improvements to the following:

  • Criteria Panel for the Data Collection report

Our goal is a simpler, more streamlined and intuitive interface using modern day user interface styles and patterns. Look forward to continued upgrades and improvements from release to release.


Azure Cloud

Added internationalization support on data and time setting to support collection feature on data collection servers.

Spectrum Protect

  • Improvements to failure recognition for errors: ANR0428W, ANR046I, and ANR0430I
  • Improvements to RMAN backup failure recognition