Now Available in 19.3

The Bocada Team | March 19, 2019

The following features and enhancements are now available with the release of Bocada 19.3:


User Experience Improvements
Bocada is making a large investment in its user experience throughout 2019. In this release a few of those changes will be visible for the first time. We have made substantive improvements to the following:

  • Data Collection “Run Manual Update” dialog
  • “Add Annotations” dialog
  • Criteria Panel for Backup Servers and Backup Server Groups reports

Our goal is a simpler, more streamlined and intuitive interface using modern day user interface styles and patterns. Look forward to continued upgrades and improvements from release to release.

AWS RDS Reporting
Added reporting for AWS native snapshot protection of RDS database instances across instance types and availability zones.

Annotations Export
Added functionality to export all annotations details as part of the CSV export for Backup Activity, Backup Failures, Restore Activity, and Restore Failure reports. This provides users a simpler way to share the annotations details to assist with auditing and general workflow management.



  • Changed schedule name in backup data for manually created snapshots from n/a to Manual
  • Improvements to in-progress job collection accuracy
  • Improvements to data collection messaging when invalid credentials entered

Azure Cloud

  • Data collection improvements to account for potential latency with data visibility in Azure Cloud

Improved the accuracy of backup data mined by adding a collection method using jobquery.exe which comes with the NetWorker Extended Client installation. Previous collection using combined partial data sources (MMINFO and the GST database) was less reliable than the new method. This also presents a simpler setup without requiring any access grants to the GST database on the NetWorker server.

For assistance with leveraging this new method of collection, please contact Bocada Support.


  • Added reporting for Replication jobs
  • Added reporting for Restore jobs
  • Improved reporting for On Demand snapshots
  • Improved reporting for Archive jobs previously reported as Full backups

Druva Phoenix

General Data collection improvements have been made to address various collection failures and test connection issues.

Spectrum Protect
Improvements in byte count accuracy for backups with deduplication

Data Domain
Improved reporting for failed replication, including Sync-as-of time:

Successful Replications

Failed Replications

Bocada Installer
Like the user experience improvements in the application interface, Bocada is focused on improving the experience of our installer and upgrade process. During 19.2 and 19.3 we have laid groundwork to streamline and automate much of this process. Included in that is functionality visible to some users:

  • Retention of the Windows Domain user used to run the Bocada Data Domain service.
  • Automated installation of some required components, including any upgrades to the Microsoft SQL Native client used for connection to Microsoft SQL Server 2016 and newer.