Now Available in 19.2

The Bocada Team | February 21, 2019

The following features and enhancements are now available with the release of Bocada 19.2:

19.2 New Features

AWS EC2 Plugin

Added snapshot reporting for AWS native protection of EC2 instances leveraging Elastic Block Storage (EBS) volume resources.

Automated HTTPS Configuration

Added automated option to configuration the Bocada application to run as HTTPS. More information on certificate configuration can be found in the Bocada Installation Guide.

19.2 Enhancements

Rubrik Data Collection

We have improved data collection and backup job reporting to include:

  • Microsoft SQL Server backups reporting
  • NAS share backups reporting
  • NAS share backup schedules reporting
  • VMWare VM reporting improvements
  • Backup retention data

Rubrik Capacity and Storage Reporting

Added reporting to provide insight into Rubrik capacity and storage growth.

Enhanced Automated Reporting

Added previous month, week, and day criteria to better automate reporting.

NetBackup Plugin

  • Improved handling of SLP replications
  • Improved support for data collection of NetBackup 8.1.2 Master servers

Data Domain Plugin

  • Addition of last successful backup date, which is used to determine if the replication is in sync
  • Improved data collection for Data Domain devices

Spectrum Protect

  • Improvements in byte count accuracy for backups with deduplication

Spectrum Protect Plus

  • Improvements to policy reporting
  • Improved accuracy for catalog backup client names