Now Available In Bocada 21.2.7

The Bocada Team | July 15, 2021

The following features and enhancements are now available with the release of Bocada 21.2.7. This version is a Minor Release and will be supported in accordance with the Support Terms.

New Features

Azure SQL Transaction Log Backups
Added reporting for Azure SQL Transaction Log backups, providing visibility into backup performance metrics not currently visible via the Azure Portal.

ServiceNow Integration with OAuth 2.0
Integration with ServiceNow REST APIs using OAuth 2.0 is now available to automate ticketing generation and management.

HPE StoreOnce Gen 4
Added storage capacity and utilization reporting for Gen 4 versions of HPE StoreOnce, consolidating all StoreOnce reporting regardless of StoreOnce generation.


Veeam Expiration and Retention
Improved retention and expiration data for Veeam backups, replications, and backup copies, including long term retention using GFS.

Commvault Copy Job Recognition
Improved copy job recognition to better distinguish and isolate copy jobs from other backup job types for reporting and ticketing.

Improved Job Trends Report Performance
Improved performance of the Job Trends, Consecutive Failures, and Failure Trends reports which now run on the scale of 10x faster.

Improved Actions & Export Menus
Consolidated Action and Export menus and improved the styling to provide a simpler, more intuitive workflow.

FIPS Compliance for PDF Reports Exports
Built FIPS compliance into the PDF exported reports capability.