Key RMAN Backup Oversight Tools

The Bocada Team | September 13, 2018

With recurring feedback from enterprises, and the MSPs that support them, that their environments frequently included RMAN backup for Oracle databases, reporting on RMAN backups became a standard in the Bocada offering. After all, holistic data protection oversight means having a complete view of each and every backup activity, no matter which type of backup product they run on.

By combining historical and in-progress backup activity under a single pane, Bocada’s RMAN plugin offers backup admins a unified, systemic approach to safeguarding their complex environments.

Historical Backup Activity

Key to compliance or audit oversight, and showing that you’ve been managing backups correctly, is clearly seeing your past backup activity. RMAN backups can be viewed through many of Bocada’s key reports, including:

  • Job Trends Report: Enjoy a high-level view of your RMAN backup successes and failures. By isolating just RMAN backup activity, and selecting key criteria like location, clients, or targets, you can quickly hone in on backups that need your attention.
  • Backup Activity Report: View a host of information about your RMAN backups including backup success, job duration, byte count, backup level, policy, and much more. Using this report’s tabular functionality lets you customize RMAN oversight to align with your particular business needs.
  • Consecutive Failures Report: Pinpoint repeated RMAN backup failures. By using our Consecutive Failures Report, you can see just those backups that failed over a recurring range of time, letting you quickly isolate backups that need immediate attention.
  • SLA Trends: Stay ahead of your service level goals. By tracking RMAN backup performance to your SLAs, you can get ahead of failure issues so that you can meet, if not exceed, your objectives.

As with all Bocada plugins, you’ll be instantly alerted when a critical RMAN backup fails. By setting up automated email alerts for your most important backups, you can stay ahead of failures that really impact recoverability rates.

In-Progress Backups

While good oversight includes being able to report on past performance, staying head of issues means also monitoring in-progress activity. That’s why our RMAN plugin includes in-progress job reporting as well.

In two of our newest reports, you’ll have visibility into RMAN backup performance before the data collection cycle is even complete.

  • In Progress Job Trends: Enjoy historical and in progress activity in one single report. You’ll be able to see RMAN backups that occurred over time, as well as in-progress backups that are succeeding, may fail, or are currently running.
  • In Progress Jobs Report: Isolate in-progress RMAN backups. This report helps you understand which jobs are still running so you can quickly see how your most critical backups are performing.

If you’re managing a complex backup environment with multiple backup product servers, schedule a free trial of Bocada’s data protection platform. With our support of RMAN and nearly twenty other backup reporting products, you can oversee your entire environment from a single source, reducing overhead, cost, and risk – and freeing up your team for higher impact activities.