Isolating Missed & Recurring Data Backup Job Failures

The Bocada Team | August 2, 2018

Backup jobs fail due to a variety of reasons. However, when backups fail on a recurring basis, or just stop running at all, it can be cause for even greater concern. Not only does it represent days’ worth of data that cannot be restored but it can also mean that you have a systemic fault with the environment or with operational processes.

This is where Bocada’s Consecutive Failures Report can save you countless hours of oversight time. By helping you easily isolate backups that failed over a recurring set of days, or backups that did not run at all, our Consecutive Failures Report highlights those backup jobs most in need of your attention. Further, by enabling easy filtering by error type, server, or a whole host of relevant variables, this report makes it easy to aggregate issues and zoom-in on underlying failure causes.

Come see how our Consecutive Failures Report can take you from an ad-hoc, job-fixing process to a streamlined, systemic approach to backup job failure correction.