In Progress Backup Job Monitoring

The Bocada Team | August 21, 2018

In-progress backup job visibility is a new feature just released in Bocada 11.0. This additional feature offers improved capabilities for backup oversight by giving backup admins near real-time monitoring of backup jobs that are in-progress, recently completed, or about to run.

When To Leverage In-Progress Job Monitoring For Improved Oversight

In-progress jobs gives you the ability to more regularly monitor your backup performance and activity while minimizing the load on the system that typically comes with backup data collection. There are several everyday activities where having visibility into in-progress jobs will save time on oversight and backup environment maintenance:

  • SLA Management: Managing SLAs with end-customers or internal auditors is a common activity. In the event that backups do not perform as-expected, you’ll need to fix and reschedule runs. With in-progress job monitoring, you no longer have to check each and and every backup server to see if backup runs are scheduled or in-progress. Instead, you can manage this all in one central place.
  • Accelerate Fixes for Failed Backup Jobs: The moment a backup job fails, you’ll see its status via in-progress job tracking. You no longer have to wait for the full backup data collection. Your backup servers aren’t hit with the heavy load of a full data collection…yet you get almost-immediate visibility that a backup has failed.
  • Job Failure Fix Validation: After fixing a failed job, you’ll want to see if that fix really solved the underlying issue. By seeing when the job is scheduled to run again, you’ll know when you can verify that the correction worked. Additionally, you’ll be able to see the moment it is successful, rather than having to wait through a full backup collection cycle for confirmation.
  • Long-Running Job Oversight: Long-duration jobs may ultimately succeed, but their runtime may mean your server is being needlessly tied up. Or, they may not succeed at all. By isolating client backups taking an unusually long amount of time, you can troubleshoot underlying issues to ensure on-time backup job completion and success, and eliminate stuck in-progress backups.

How To See In-Progress Backup Job Activity

Eight new in-progress statuses are now available, letting you see before a full data collection cycle is complete if a backup succeeded, failed, is actively running, or is in another state.

How To See In-Progress Backup Job Activity

These in-progress status’ are available in two new reports:

In Progress Job Trends Report: This report overlays historical backup activity with in progress activity. It offers a complete view, as granular as the client level, of backup performance over time.

In Progress Backup Job Trends Report:

In Progress Jobs Report: This report isolates only those jobs that are currently in-progress, and lets you filter and customize your view to focus on jobs that are of most interest to you.

In Progress Backup Jobs Report

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