[Video] How To Quickly Review Overnight Backup Success

The Bocada Team | December 7, 2017

The standard question any backup admin asks when coming into work each morning is, “How did my backups do last night?” Yet answering this question can often take several hours a day. Zeroing in on the servers and clients of interest is just the first step. Admins then need to write scripts for different backup products, and often merge reports for a single view of critical data. Something so integral to data protection management should be much faster to answer.

This is why Bocada created the Job Trends Report. By pulling data together from different backup servers, the Job Trends Report offers an automated, summarized view of your backup environment…without any need to log into your backup servers. This report can be delivered to your inbox each day before you even arrive for work so you can quickly isolate failures and zero-in on fixing them.

Further, by looking at results across a longer time frame, you can begin seeing backup success and failure trends. While a single backup failure may not be cause for concern, seeing it fail time and time again can be the motivation you need to prioritize fixing deeper problems.

Come watch how our Job Trends Report will give you a faster way to triage your backup work.