Protecting Healthcare Data

The Bocada Team | September 29, 2016

Healthcare Mergers and Data Protection

Mergers and acquisitions are a mainstay in our modern economy. According to Modern Healthcare Mergers & Acquisitions there were 501 healthcare provider transactions in 2015. How do the IT operations teams keep up? Data protection requirements do not lessen in a merged environment. And yet there is an expectation for cost reductions and ‘synergies’ between the merged providers.

Mergers often result in turnover, lost productivity and a period of confusion throughout the merging organizations. IT operations are tasked with both effective protection of existing data operations while simultaneously taking responsibility for a new backup environment. The acquired environment will have been set up by a different IT team and will likely depend on different backup products and practices.

One opportunity to quickly gain visibility – and ultimately control – is to centralize reporting without any other changes in the backup technology. The Bocada reporting suite reports on 15 different backup products from TSM to Veeam and everything in between (see Multi-product backup reporting reduces the need to standardize on any single backup technology and allows management to direct the course through any merging efforts. Even when there is a desire to unify backup environments, some or all of the separate components typically remain in use for years while consolidation progresses. Bocada offers an agentless implementation to make deployments fast and inexpensive. In addition, Bocada reporting includes automated detection and reporting of new backup clients to reduce errors and assure a complete picture. Finally, Bocada is independent from the backup products meaning that you will get an accurate and objective report of backup performance.