New Google Cloud Backup Monitoring Enhancements

Extending Cloud Backup & DR Health Visibility

The Bocada Team | January 12, 2023

Extending Cloud Backup & DR Health Visibility

Bellevue, WA — Bocada announces incremental monitoring and reporting for Google Cloud backups, including Cloud Spanner, Google Kubernetes Engine, Managed MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server. Organizations migrating more of their backup activities to the Google Cloud will now have a central platform from which to oversee the full breadth of their backup health including job successes and failures, storage usage trends, SLA compliance, and other relevant metrics.

This latest addition to Google Cloud backup reporting builds on Bocada’s mission to support organizations as they migrate all their backup and data protection activities to the cloud. Earlier releases have featured extensions of Azure backup reporting (e.g., App Services, Cosmos DB, SQL managed instances) and AWS reporting (e.g., DynamoDB, EBS, RDS, FSx). By extending Google Cloud oversight, Bocada enables organizations to select AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or multi-cloud backup implementations with zero impact on backup health monitoring.

Matt Hall, Bocada’s Global Head of Sales, notes that this latest release reflects growing cloud transformation initiatives. “Our customers continue accelerating their cloud or multi-cloud data protection implementations while maintaining the same expectations for backup health and data resiliency visibility. Bocada ensures that our customers get both. Between our newly released cloud backup plugin integrations and expanded support for existing plugins, Bocada ensures that enterprises can select the right cloud backup solutions for them while enjoying holistic backup oversight coverage.”

Enhanced Google Cloud monitoring and reporting will be available to customers using Bocada 22.3.13. To learn more about Bocada’s newest capabilities, email us at or call +1-425-898-2400.

About Bocada:

Bocada delivers backup reporting and monitoring automation solutions for complete visibility into backup performance. The Bocada platform simplifies complex backup and storage oversight, allowing IT organizations to save time, reduce overhead costs, and decrease data protection risks. With the largest installed customer base in the Fortune 500, Bocada is the world’s leading provider of backup reporting automation. For more information, visit