Announcing Cherwell Ticketing Integration

Furthering Data Protection Automation Across IT Infrastructure

The Bocada Team | April 21, 2022

Furthering Data Protection Automation Across IT Infrastructure

Kirkland, WA – Bocada LLC, an award-winning data protection monitoring automation platform, is announcing new native integration with Cherwell’s ticketing system. Organizations using Cherwell for ticketing will have an automated way to open, monitor, and close tickets associated with backup job failures, consecutive failures, and storage utilization.

Bocada’s Cherwell ticketing integration lets administrators build rules to automate ticket creation for incidents that need attention. Bocada’s platform automatically creates tickets with relevant failure information, including backup error messages, assignment groups, and affected assets, giving administrators the needed remediation information. Bocada’s monitoring console allows administrators to stay apprised of updates made within Cherwell, including team member assignment, ticket state and urgency, and resolution status. And, with pre-programmed resolution criteria, Bocada automates the closure of tickets as well.

Matt Hall, Bocada’s Global Head of Sales, notes that this latest integration is a natural addition to Bocada’s robust IT infrastructure integrations. “The strong reception for, and adoption of, our other ticketing integrations with ServiceNow, ConnectWise, and BMC Remedy validated what we keep hearing from the market: There is an increasing need to not just automate backup reporting and monitoring but also automate the IT operations that flow from this. Our latest integration with Cherwell ticketing further automates these functions and removes unnecessary, error-prone touchpoints out of data protection operations.”

Cherwell ticketing integration is available beginning with Bocada version 22.2.5. To learn more about Bocada’s Cherwell ticketing integration, email us at or call +1-425-898-2400.

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