Bocada Reports Library Available For Power BI, Tableau, & Splunk Templates

The Bocada Team | January 26, 2023

We are excited to announce the Bocada Report Library, a new way to share valuable, customized reports across the Bocada community. To celebrate its launch, Bocada is giving customers access to many of Bocada’s most popular backup health and storage monitoring reports in industry leading data visualization solutions, including Power BI, Tableau, and Splunk. Existing users can also share their custom reports for wider use across Bocada’s global community of data protection professionals. Users of these tools can now automatically receive backup performance data collected and normalized via Bocada’s database into their preferred application.

As enterprise organizations adopt data visualization tools for use across their departments or functional teams, there is a growing demand to leverage these tools for all dashboarding and BI needs. By leveraging Bocada’s report templates, IT operations and BI teams can enjoy Bocada’s automated reporting while adopting organization-wide mandates for consistent dashboard and BI interfaces. It also supports broader visibility to Bocada’s normalized backup data across additional key stakeholder groups.

Users leveraging these new reports can still take advantage of Bocada’s best-in-class data protection automations like ticketing and unprotected asset identification to optimize daily activities while aligning with organization-wide initiatives.

Please review the Q&A for additional information about this new release. Or watch the video below to see this in action.

Which BI, visualization, and SIEM tools does Bocada have templates for?

Report templates are currently available for Power BI, Tableau, and Splunk.

Which report templates are available?

The list below shows the breadth of available report templates. This includes some of our most popular backup and storage monitoring reports. You’ll see that under each category there are several individual reports.

Backup Performance

  • Backup Health
  • Backup Health Trends
  • Backup Trends
  • Backup Duration Trends
  • Backup Error Trends
  • Restore Health


  • Storage Trends

Data Domain:

  • Data Domain Utilization
  • Data Domain Utilization Trends
  • Data Domain MTree Trends

Store Once:

  • Store Once Utilization
  • Store Once Dedup Trends


  • VAST Utilization
  • VAST Utilization Trends

Can I update or customize the reports?

Absolutely! The report templates work with Bocada version 22.3.12 or newer. These are templates and designed to give the user a starting point. They include ways to filter and sort your data, just like you are used to doing with Bocada’s native reporting interface. We would love to have you post your own creations from Bocada data back in the Bocada User Community to share with other users.

When will this be available?

As soon as you have upgraded to a recent release of Bocada – version 22.3.12 or higher – you can access all these reports today by visiting Bocada’s GitHub profile.

How do I access the reports?

  • Visit Bocada’s profile on GitHub:
  • Select the Repository associated with your reporting or visualization solution
  • Download the files associated with the reports you want
  • Import the reports into your solution.
  • Add SQL Server and Bocada database details to automate data syncing
  • Publish your report for future use and save it to a new or existing dashboard

Watch the video below to see this in action.