Bocada Releases Version 9.0

The Bocada Team | October 23, 2015

New reports and more configuration tools for backup administrators

Kirkland, Wash.— Bocada, an enterprise backup reporting company, announces the general availability of Bocada 9.0 with enhanced reports and more usability tools for backup engineers and administrators. Bocada customers now have more standard reports out of the box and spend less time configuring reports.

Bocada incorporated customer feedback to develop additional standard reports. Some of the new reports in Bocada 9.0 include:

Failure Trends Report—This report is an extension of the Job Trends report, and provides the ability to view only rows with failures or missing backups in order to filter out the results that contain 100% success within the date range. This added functionality highlights failures and streamlines detection of trending failure(s).

Scheduled Actions—This report offers visibility into operations that run on schedules and includes data for success or failure of the operation, duration, last message, date completed, and detailed logging, among other information. Operations displayed include Alert Calculation, Database Maintenance, Policy Changes, Rules Processing, SLA Calculation, and Report Exports, etc.

Data Collection Servers—This report provides information about Data Collection Servers (DCS), simplifying management and load balancing of updates across multiple DCSs. The report also provides insight into operations affecting each DCS to accelerate troubleshooting. Data in the report includes the status (master, disabled, or enabled), number of scheduled servers, and currently running or pending updates and operations.

In addition to new reports, Bocada 9.0 includes new functionality and configurability, with ever-faster performance. For example, new SQL administration includes save, load, export, and scheduled exports of the Admin SQL view. Enhancements include: rule groups, ranged data collection, date ranged collection, time picker criteria, backup server time schedules, chargeback summary, and email configuration.

For a full review of new capabilities and enhancements in Bocada 9.0, customers can contact to evaluate the plugin functionality with their relationship manager. Or, for new inquiries or to request a demo of the product, contact or call +1-425-898-2450.

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